what’s your favorite

We try to go outside every day for at least an hour. Hayden made sure to bring the animals out this time, which surprised me since Bails has always been the little animal lover. I asked them to each pick out their favorite animal so I could take a photo of them with it. Bails chose a giraffe- also my favorite. She said they eat leafs and grass. Hayden’s favorite was the zebra, which she went on and on about telling me all about them. “They like grapes, and blueberries and they have BIG feet!” We may need to look up zebras and learn a bit more about them. haha So here is a small snippet of our day.DSC_4743DSC_4750DSC_4753DSC_4757DSC_4758DSC_4759DSC_4765DSC_4769DSC_4772DSC_4770DSC_4778DSC_4782DSC_4791DSC_4793

^^Talking about the zebras. and making a zebra sound…which sounded nothing like a zebra. hahahha ^^



Letters to my children | my big girl

You’re the big sister now and you proudly own it. You love to help mommy with the boys. You are changing daily. Growing physically and emotionally. You throw less fits (thank you, Jesus) and you listen to mommy when she talks to you like a big girl.

Seeing you next to the boys makes me realize how big you actually are. How the time passes by so quickly. You were my first baby. My first love that knew no bounds. I remember rocking you when you were a few weeks old at night. Nursing you and and feeling so overwhelmed with the amount of joy and raw love that I had for you. You would grasp my finger with your whole hand. No one told me about this. No one prepared me for these feelings I would have for you. I remember crying while holding you out of sheer happiness that you were mine. And I felt so undeserving and under qualified to be your mommy. To feel this much love.

And now you are four- you make sure everyone knows you are “four and almost five”. You amaze me. The big girl you have become. I am so proud of the heart that you have for serving others. How much love you have to give. I learn so much from you, dear.

I want you to stay little forever. Stay my little girl. My baby. I am taking extra time to cuddle and kiss you. To listen to your stories and jokes that don’t always make much sense but always bring a smile when you tell them. To always watch you twirl and do your made-up dance routines.

Thank you for letting me be your mommy and showing me what grace looks like.

xo MommyDSC_4696DSC_4698


lazy saturday

For probably about a year now, Saturdays have always been our lazy day of the week. We take a nap as a family and finish the day moseying around the house. Sometimes it’s just what we need. Before having the twins or even before being pregnant with them, I was the go go go lady. Never wanted to stop, always wanting to be out of the house. It’s funny how things change when you are exhausted and just thinking about loading up four kids in car seats, preparing the snacks, diapers, wipes and all the extras that go into a diaper bag will make you rethink leaving the driveway. If I get the itch to get out of the house, it usually will be us in the front yard- or back. We will wash the cars or fill up large buckets with water for the kids to play in. The kids don’t mind. They seem to be really happy singing and prancing around the yard while picking all of the flowers off the bushes.


M o r e   i n f o